Small Business – Making it Work with Less

October 3rd, 2008

Small businesses make up over half of the economic output of the United States.  Today we’ll ask: How do you start them? What makes them successful? What does it take to stay competitive?  We’ll start by meeting the winner of an award for being “Best Small Company to Work for in America.” Then, we’ll meet the owner of a neighborhood coffee shop in Kansas City that was challenged by a Starbucks moving in next door. Hear how they managed to keep their small business successful even when a giant chain showed up. Also, host Thomas White explains what he’s learned from his experience starting small businesses himself and helping other businesses succeed.

Listen to the Full Episode | Download MP3
Part 1: Interview with Lauren Dixon, CEO Dixon Schwabl | Download MP3
Part 2: Interview with Jon Cates of Broadway Café in Kansas City | Download MP3
Part 3: Interview with Thomas White | Download MP3 [audio:]

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