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January 2nd, 2009

This week, we’re returning to some of our favorite guests from 2008 to examine the year in review and to look forward at what’s coming up for the year ahead.  We’ll explore the 2009 forecast for jobs, energy, food and small businesses and offer practical tips for how you can prepare for what’s next.

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Part 1: Ron Hira, Outsourcing Expert | Download MP3

Ron Hira is an expert on outsourcing (including offshore outsourcing), technology policy, science and engineering workforce, research and development policy. His expertise is on the intersection of technology and economic policy. He is a Licensed Professional Engineer, and the co-Author of Outsourcing America.

Hira teaches courses on technological innovation, communications and public policy. He has appeared on Lou Dobbs tonight and NOW with Bill Moyers and his expertise has been cited in numerous publications including the New York Times and TIME magazine. Hira is a Post-Doctoral Fellow, Center for Science Policy & Outcomes, Columbia University and has his Ph.D. in Public Policy from George Mason University, a master’s in electrical engineering from George Mason University and a B.S. in electrical engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University.

Part 2: Matt Simmons, Energy Expert | Download MP3

Matthew R. Simmons is the founder and Chairman of the world’s largest energy investment banking company, Simmons & Co. International.

He graduated cum laude from the University of Utah and received a Masters degree with distinction in Business Administration from Harvard Business School. He then served on the faculty as a research associate for two years. In 1974, he founded Simmons & Company International. He serves as a Board Member of Kerr-McGee Corporation, Brown-Forman Corporation, the Center for Houston’s Future, Houston Technology Center, ICIC and The Atlantic Council of The United States of America. He is also a member of the Counsel of Foreign Relations.

He is author of the book, Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy, which examines oil reserve decline rates to help raise awareness of the unreliability of Middle East oil reserves. More information about Simmons & Company, as well as recent speeches and papers presented by Matthew can be found here.

Part 3: Sharon Astyk, Farmer and Author of A Nation of Farmers (And Cooks)| Download MP3

Sharon Astyk is a writer, teacher and subsistence farmer, and the author of two forthcoming books on Peak Oil and Climate Change — Depletion and Abundance: Life on the New Home Front (Fall ‘08) and A Nation of Farmers (And Cooks) (Spring ‘09), the latter co-authored with Aaron Newton. Both books are forth

coming from New Society Publishers. Sharon used to run a small, Jewish themed CSA, but is now concentrating on subsistence agriculture, growing food to share and teaching others to grow food. Her training was in literature, focusing on the Renaissance and demographic and cultural crises of the 17th century, but her focus is now on the demographic and cultural crises of the 21st century.

You can hear a past interview of Sharon on Business Matters from September, 2008 here.

Part 4: Jim Tracy, CEO of America’s Best Companies| Download MP3

Jim Tracy is the President and Founder of ABC, which was established in 2006. A graduate of Loyola University Chicago (1987), Jim served as senior vice president of National Translink Corporation and over a span of 10 years worked with thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to grow their businesses and reach more customers.

Over the years Jim had witnessed countless small businesses going out of business as a result of heightened competition from big corporations and online retailers. This led to the inspiration in creating America’s Best Companies. Jim strives to bring the issues of the small business owner to the forefront, while leading a dedicated and professional staff working to make a difference for the small business community.

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