The Business of Sweeteners: Part 2 – Resources

February 6th, 2009

On this week’s Business Matters, we bring you the second of a two-part series on the social and economic costs of our addiction to sweeteners. We’ll delve into the economic costs of having so much of our population obese. How much is it costing us in increased health care costs and lost productivity? Is there anything we can do to turn back the trend line?

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Part 1: Kenneth Stanton Economist, Obesity, Business and Public Policy | Download MP3[audio:]

krsDr. Stanton holds a Ph.D. in Finance, from York University, Toronto, Canada, an MBA in finance from the University of Rochester, Rochester NY, and a B.A. (Honors Economics) from the University of Western Ontario, Canada. He has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in economics, finance, statistics, and advanced graduate econometrics, since 1996. His is the coauthor and editor of a book addressing the economic and other effects of the obesity epidemic. Dr. Stanton has served in an advisory capacity at all three levels of government, including the State governments of Maryland, Illinois, North Carolina, and Texas. He recently served as Co-chair of the Baltimore City Council Task Force on the Prevention of Childhood Obesity. In relation to his research, Dr. Stanton has a high profile in the media, locally and nationally, with several appearances on CNN and other television networks. He has been quoted in over 300 media outlets across the US and abroad.

Part 2: LuAnn Heinen Vice-President, National Business Group on Health | Download MP3[audio:]

LuAnn Heinen is responsible for the National Business Group on Health’s Patient Safety Initiative to promote safer hospital care through employer purchasing and governance strategies. She also leads the Institute on the Costs & Health Effects of Obesity. The Institute develops tools and resources for employer wellness and health promotion such as the Wellness Impact Scorecard, Healthy Dining/Vending/Catering assessments, employer best practices, incentives for healthy lifestyles and more. Each year, on behalf of the Business Group, the Institute recognizes leading U.S. employers with Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyles awards at the Platinum, Gold and Silver level.  Before joining the Business Group in 2003, she headed Heinen HealthCare Associates LLC, held key roles at both UnitedHealth Group (Vice President, Center for Health Policy & Evaluation) and Chronimed (Divisional VP, Business Development), and consulted for The Lewin Group.

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