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April 17th, 2009

There is common agreement among economists and politicians that small business and startups are the driver for economic recovery in the U.S. You would think this would mean that capital would freely available to help startups get off the ground and fund the expansion plans of existing small businesses. The second point is particularly important if many of these small businesses can take advantage of opportunities that come from the stimulus spending recently authorized by congress.

We found that getting money for both small businesses and startup isn’t easy. In fact, small business owners who have good track records with their banks and excellent credit scores continue to be out in the cold when it comes to financing. We also looked at the traditional flow of money into technology companies from venture capital to see how the rule of the game have changed.

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Accion | Download MP3
We talk with Jonathan Brereton, CEO of Accion Chicago;  Jessica Horn, Senior Lending Officer of Accion Chicago and Sharon Stetzer, Owner of Lady Lighting and Contracting Company of Naperville.

We also add a national perspective by speaking to Laura Kozien, who is the Director of Communications of Accion USA.

David Carlick | Download MP3

Listen to our conversation with David Carlick a co-founder of Doubleclick, former Managing Director of Vantage Point Venture Partners and a leading innovator in on-line media and marketing about the changing landscape for startup financing and the new rules of online marketing.

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