The Business of Reputation

April 10th, 2009

This week on Business Matters we explore personal and corporate authenticity. As the world of work evolves, each of us is challenged to think of ourselves as a personal corporation. We are responsible for our personal authenticity and transparency. By dong so, we challenge the organizations we work with to live by those standards as well. We also explore the role that social media is playing to bring greater personal and corporate truthfulness.

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Dan Schawbel | Download MP3
Dan is the author of the recently released book, Me 2.0 Build a Powerful Personal Brand to Achieve Career Success. At the ripe age of 25, Dan shows the power of a clear vision, intense focus and a sense of understanding of himself and the way that his work can impact the lives of many. While this book is targeted to Gen Y, we have found it helpful for anyone in the workplace.

Rohit Bhargava | Download MP3
Rohit is the Senior Vice President of Olgivey 360 Digital Influence and the author of the book, Personality Not Included, Why Companies Loose their Authenticity and How to Get it Back. We explore underlying social and organizational influences that move our organizations away from being honest with themselves and their customers, what the cost has been and what steps organizations can take to bring back authenticity before its too late.

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