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May 15th, 2009

Over the past twenty years, the landscape of broadcast and print journalism has changed dramatically. With the consolidation of media ownership, closing of outlets and wholesale firing of reporters, few sources of unbiased journalism remain.

This change preceded the decline of advertising revenue that fueled these media machines and the rise of the dissemination of free content through the Internet. With the proliferation of “citizen journalist” as bloggers and YouTube creators, what is the future of the news and information we need to be an informed public?

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Catharine P. Taylor
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Cathy writes about media, advertising and marketing. Her work has been featured in Advertising Age, Business Week, Newsweek, strategy+business and Wired. Currently, she writes a daily posting for BNET Media and is the Social Media Insider for Mediapost.

Amy Goodman
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Amy is the co-host of Democracy Now, which she helped launch in 1966. She has received many awards as an investigative journalist for works such as Massacre: The Story of East Timor and Drilling and Killing: Chevron and Nigeria’s Oil Dictatorship. Amy is the author of three best selling books including her most recent, Standing up to the Madness: Ordinary Heroes in Extraordinary Times.

David Weir
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David has been a professional journal for 40 years, writing for Rolling Stone, The Economist, LA Weekly, Mother Jones, The Nation, The New York Times, New York Magazine and In 1977, he was a co-founder of the Center for Investigative Reporting. David has also taught journalism at the University of California Graduate School of Journalism and Stanford University.

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