Women Entrepreneurs Episode 3

July 31st, 2009

This week, we bring you the stories of 4 women entrepreneurs and explore how men and women approach business. Find out why women are starting businesses at a higher rate than men and how women stay true to their values as the companies they lead show excellent financial results.

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Deb Parsons
Co-Director, Investor’s Circle
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Deb is Co-Director of Investors’ Circle, a group made up of angel investors, professional venture capitalists, foundations, family offices and others who are using private capital to promote the transition to a sustainable economy. Prior to joining IC, Deb served as a member of SJF Ventures and Good Capital. For the past two years she was Vice President at Good Capital, where she managed the fund’s operational aspects, investor relations, and deployment of capital. Deb was formerly an associate at SJF Ventures, a community development fund focusing on cleantech and the LOHAS sector. Before that, she spent six years in business development, marketing, and partner management at WGGH, Intuit, and North Face.

Sheryl O’Loughlinbio_oloughlin_large
Co-Founder and CEO, Nest Collective
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Sheryl spent six years in brand management with General Foods, Quaker Oaks, and Gatorade. She then joined CLIF Bar, where served three of ten years as CEO. While there she spearheaded Luna Bar, the first and top-selling energy bar for women. Now, as Co-Founder and CEO of Nest Naturals, Sheryl provides consumers with food, home, and body products to nurture both body and spirit.

Stephanie Bernstein
Founder, To-Go Warestephbbiopic
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Stephanie Bernstein founded To-Go Ware and Eyes of the Forest, Inc. in 2004. Previously, Stephanie worked for Guayaki Yerba Mate, Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods, and Pangea Organics Bodycare. Stephanie was named Rocky Mountain Regional Accounts Director for World of Good, a fair trade import company that takes artisan crafts to high-volume, mainstream channels of distribution. She hosts socially conscious television shows like Sourcecode on Free Speech TV and pledge drives for LinkTV. Stephanie has also written and modeled for magazines such as Alternative Medicine and Yoga Journal, and is currently featured on boxes of Yogi Tea.

Suzanne Sebionsebion_061108_174_000
Founder, Sibby’s Ice Cream
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After spending 19 years as a parcel delivery truck driver, Suzanne Sebion caught the bug for the organic farming movement in Wisconsin’s Kickapoo Valley. In 2001, Sebion began producing Sibby’s Homestead Organic Ice Cream. It’s free of preservatives, chemical additives and genetically engineered ingredients. She makes her specially-crafted ice cream daily at the 3,500-square-foot homestead creamery she built on her 150-year-old family farm.

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by Jill Foster on July 31st, 2009 at 12:34 pm

This entrepreneurship podcast series is fantastic. Thanks for starting it. It’s been great learning about these businesses (…mmm, Sibby’s Ice Cream).

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