Is the Recession (really) Over

October 16th, 2009

So the Dow is back above 10,000, 3rd Quarter GDP growth may be looking good, and Goldman Sachs is making splendid profits, but with rising double-digit unemployment, can this really be the end of the recession? We went searching for the answer to that question this week on Business Matters, and although each of our guests has a different take on where we’re headed, there’s agreement that this recession is unlike any we’ve seen before and it’s not nearly over.

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Tim Duy, Director of Oregon Economic Forum, University of Oregon
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Following graduate school, Tim worked in Washington, D.C. for the United States Department of Treasury as an economist in the International Affairs division and later with the G7 Group, a political and economic consultancy for clients in the financial industry. In the latter position, he was responsible for monitoring the activities of the Federal Reserve and currency markets. Tim returned to the University of Oregon in 2002. He is the Director of the Oregon Economic Forum and the author of the University of Oregon Index of Economic Indicators and the Central Oregon Business Index.

Ken Goldstein, Economist, The Conference Board
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Ken Goldstein has been an economist at The Conference Board since 1971. His principal responsibilities include analyzing current trends in labor market activity and forecasting near-term economic development. Specifically, he has maintained The Conference Boards Help-Wanted Index—a proxy measure for changes in labor demand. Since 1989, Goldstein has managed the monthly update of the The Conference Board economic forecasting process and has frequently been quoted in both print and electronic media as to where employment, inflation, interest rates, and the economy are headed.

Michael Mandel, Chief Economist, BusinessWeek
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Michael Mandel is chief economist at BusinessWeek, responsible for formulating BusinessWeek’s coverage of economic policy. Prior to this, Mandel was economics editor. In 1998, Mandel won the Gerald R. Loeb Award for his coverage of the New Economy. Mandel is the author of several books, including Rational Exuberance, The Coming Internet Depression, and The High Risk Society. Prior to joining BusinessWeek in 1989, Mandel was an assistant economics professor at New York University’s Stern School of Business. Mandel holds a PhD in economics from Harvard. He writes the World Economy Blog for BusinessWeek.

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