Measuring and Fighting Poverty

October 30th, 2009

This week on Business Matters, we’re exploring exactly how many Americans are living below the poverty line and how to change it. Find out how our system for measuring poverty was developed more than four decades ago and how we compare to other developed countries in poverty levels. Also, we’ll learn about a new strategy to eliminate poverty in Illinois.

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Steven Pressman, Professor of Economics and Finance, Monmouth University
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Steven Pressman also serves as co-editor of the Review of Political Economy, as Associate Editor and Book Review Editor of the Eastern Economic Journal, and a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the journal Basic Income Studies. He has published around 120 articles in refereed journals and as book chapters, and has authored or edited 13 books, including “Women in the Age of Economic Transformation”, “Economics and Its Discontents”, “A New Guide to Post Keynesian Economics”, “Alternative Theories of the State”, “50 Major Economists”, and “Leading Contemporary Economists”. His main areas of research are poverty and income distribution, and government tax and spending policies.

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Maria Cancian, Co-editor, “Changing Poverty, Changing Policy“; Professor of Public Affairs and Social Work; Affiliate, Institute for Research on Poverty, University of Wisconsin, Madison
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Maria Cancian is Professor of Public Affairs and Social Work, and an affiliate of the Institute for Research on Poverty at the University of Wisconsin. Her research is in the area of domestic social policy, with recent focus on the impact of married women’s growing employment and earnings on marriage patterns and the inter- and intra-household distribution of income, the work and income of women who have received welfare, and the implications of child support and custody for the well-being of divorced and never-married families. She and Sheldon Danziger edited the 2009 book “Changing Poverty, Changing Policies” published by Russell Sage. Her articles have appeared in journals including Demography, Journal of Marriage and the Family, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, Review of Economics and Statistics and Social Service Review.

Doug Schenkelberg, Associate Director of Policy & Advocacy at Heartland Alliance; Campaign Coordinator, From Poverty to Opportunity
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The “From Poverty to Opportunity Campaign: Realizing Human Rights in Illinois” is a grassroots, human rights campaign to develop the political will and substantive plans to end poverty in our state. The Campaign was established to create a comprehensive vision and a workable plan grounded in human rights standards that will halve extreme poverty in Illinois by the year 2015. The Campaign contextualizes poverty within the human rights framework, facilitates conversations across parties and interests in order to build shared understanding and urgency, uses our collective knowledge to identify solutions, and leverages our collective commitment to human rights to press for real change.

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by ifedili on November 10th, 2009 at 5:03 am

hi, am from nigerian one of the richest in resources but have a larged number of poverty becuase of bad politicias in the state of afairs. please what can i do to help this country that is languising in poverty.

by thomas on November 20th, 2009 at 6:03 pm

How can you help the people become aware of the real truth so that their voices can be united loud enough to be heard by even the politicians?

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