Money and the Recent Graduate

October 23rd, 2009

This week, we’re discussing how young people are handling the recession.
If you, or someone close to you has just graduated college and is having trouble finding work, or maybe heading into college and not sure how it would be possible to pay for it you will definitely want to listen to this weeks show. In the first half we’ll be talking to two people who are working to improve the financial literacy of young people about how to handle their money, then in the second half of the show we’ll find out about an organization that’s teaching entrepreneurship to low-income students around the country.

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Bill Pratt, Author, The Graduate’s Guide to Life and Money
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Bill Pratt is a former credit card executive turned student-advocate. Bill is a former economist for the U.S. federal government and a former Vice President for one of the largest financial institutions in the world. He holds an MBA in finance. He left the financial industry to focus his efforts on helping others understand money. He is the author of “Extra Credit: The 7 Things Every College Student Needs to Know About Credit Debt & Ca$h” and “The Graduate’s Guide to Life and Money”. Bill speaks at colleges to educate and entertain students about real-life issues in money, leadership and success.

Farnoosh Torabi, Author, “You’re So Money- Live Rich Even When You’re Not”; Bank of America’s ambassador for financial literacy
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Farnoosh Torabi is an accomplished television, print and web journalist focusing on a spectrum of money matters, from personal finance and small business to investing and the financial markets. She is best known for her business reports that air on TV, where she hosts Wall Street Confidential featuring the site’s founder Jim Cramer. She’s also a business contributor to AM New York, and she writes a monthly investing column in Entrepreneur Magazine. Farnoosh began her broadcasting career as a business reporter and producer for NY1 News, Time Warner’s 24-hour news channel in New York City.

Christine Poorman, Executive Director, NFTE Chicago
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The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE or “nifty”) provides an entrepreneurship education program to youth in low-income communities. Starting in 2003, NFTE opened the Chicago office and successfully launched a partnership with the Chicago Public Schools, currently in 39 schools. Looking ahead, NFTE Chicago has developed an aggressive growth plan, and aims to reach 10,000 in the coming year.

Zoe Damacela, Founder, Zoe Damacela Apparel; 2nd Place Winner, zoe_obama2009 OppenheimerFunds/NFTE National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge
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Zoe Damacela is a 17-year-old senior at Whitney Young High School, she’s an entrepreneur and a fashion designer, She’s made everything from wedding dresses to handbags and the business she founded, Zoe Damacela Apparel, has sold more than 300 dresses over the past four years.

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