January 12th, 2010

This month, we begin our series of monthly Dialogues that bring our listeners in direct contact with some of our most interesting and provocative Business Matters guests. We choose a topic for the Dialogue that touches on a vital concern. Thomas White and our guest engage in a wide open exploration of the topic that serves as a catalyst for the dialogue with our audience that follows. We then open the phones and web to questions from anyone who is part of the Dialogue. You might say, it operates a bit like a town hall meeting.

We are providing this service free on a first-come-first serve basis. The first 35 people who send us an email requesting attendance at the Dialogue will be sent information on how they can participate in this live event. If you don’t get to be part of the live Dialogue, will record the session and provide a free download in Podcast form on the Business Matters website.

This month our guest is Michael Mandel. Michael, until recently was the Chief Economist for BusinessWeek. Michael has launched several entrepreneurial ventures that touch on innovation and economic education. Mike will share with us more details during the Dialogue.

There is so much conflicting news about the health of the economy and what we can expect in the future. Michael and I will talk about the underlying factors that got us into the situation we are currently experiencing. We will then explore the role that innovation will play in changing the economic playing field. Finally, we will talk about what al this means to you both professionally and personally.

So send us an email at to be part of this event. Then think about what you want to ask Michael during this unique experience. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for future Dialogue guests, I invite you to write me at

DETAILS: Dialogue – JANUARY 28th – 3PM EST

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