The Toyota Model

March 5th, 2010

We all know about the challenges arising from the Toyota recall, so we decided to look beyond the headlines to understand the implications of this crisis in confidence beyond the numbers of cars involved.

We talked with a customer experience guru to understand the implications of Toyota’s actions on the attitude of customers about Toyota. We found that a “cognitive dissonance” has created a confusion with this loyal base that may be difficult for Toyota to change.

We then find out how Toyota has been doing in managing public perceptions from a crisis management expert. In the process, we get a basic tutorial and the “dos and don’ts” of crisis management.

What many may not know is that Toyota’s approach to manufacturing and business has been adopted by thousands of companies around the world. This week we’ll find out the impact of Toyota’s deviation from their well regarded operational blueprint.

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Tom Asacker | Download MP3

Tom Asacker has been teaching and inspiring organizations and entrepreneurs for over 20 years. Tom specializes in marketplace evolution, customer relationships, branding, and innovation. Companies  including Procter & Gamble, UPS, Hewlett Packard, and G.E. have called on Tom to shake up their people, fill them with ideas and charge them with inspiration.

Tom is the author of A Little Less Conversation: Connecting with Customers in a Noisy World and A Clear Eye for Branding. He is also author of the soon to be released Opportunity Screams: Unlocking Hearts and Minds in Today’s Idea Economy.

Jonathan Bernstein| Download MP3

Jonathan L. Bernstein, president of Bernstein Crisis Management, Inc. has more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of crisis management – crisis response, vulnerability assessment, planning, training and simulations. Prior to launching what was then known as Bernstein Communications in 1994, Bernstein created and served as the first director of the Crisis Communications Group for Ruder Finn, Inc., one of the world’s largest public relations agencies.

Bernstein is publisher and editor of Crisis Manager, a first-of-its-kind email newsletter written for “those who are crisis managers whether they want to be or not,” currently read in 75 countries. He is also the author of Keeping the Wolves at Bay: A Media Training Manual

Steven Spear | Download MP3

Steven Spear, five-time winner of the Shingo Prize for research excellence and recipient of the McKinsey Award, is a senior lecturer at MIT and former assistant professor at Harvard. A senior fellow at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, he is the author of numerous articles appearing in academic and trade publications, including the Harvard Business Review, Annals of Internal Medicine, Academic Medicine, The Boston Globe, and The New York Times.

In particular he is well known for his Harvard Business Review article, “Decoding the DNA of the Toyota Production System”. More recently he wrote the award winner book, Chasing the Rabbit: How Market Leaders Outdistance the Competition and How Great Companies Can Catch Up and Win

In his consulting practice, Spear works with organizations to develop the capabilities of high velocity about which he writes. This involves developing senior leadership’s understanding and training a cadre of internal process experts whose system expertise compliments the functional expertise that exists within specialties and disciplines. His clients span a broad range of industrial, high tech, software, service, and healthcare organizations.

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