The Sugar Show

June 4th, 2010

We’ll explore the vast industry that keeps our food sweet and our children obese: Sugar. We’ll help you become a food detective and offer some alternatives for your own cooking and shopping on next week’s Business Matters.

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Part 1: Anne Louise Gittleman PhD. | Download MP3[audio:]

Visionary, health guru, diet/detox expert, author, spokesperson, role model, and natural foods icon, Ann Louise Gittleman has always been a trendsetter. Highly respected as a health pioneer, weight loss expert and award-winning author of 30 books, including the New York Times bestseller The Fat Flush Plan. She later introduced The Fast Track ONE-DAY Detox Diet, which takes the age-old method of fasting and incorporates it into a modern day detox diet. Ann Louise’s latest release, The Gut Flush Plan, reveals the sources of toxins that make you sick, tired and bloated, and offers a three-week, three-step program to rebuild your digestive system.

Today, she continues to dedicate herself to carving out new landmarks in holistic health and healing based on science and ancient healing arts. Through her many books, Web site, and free e-letter, Ann Louise offers a “virtual” health support system for men and women that provides educational and self-health assessment services to empower people everywhere to achieve total health.

Part 2: Nancy Appleton, PhD, Download MP3

Nancy Appleton, Ph.D. is an author, lecturer, researcher and nutritional consultant. Dr. Appleton received her Bachelor of Science in Foods and Nutrition from U.C.L.A., her Ph.D. from Walden University with honors in Health Services. Dr. Appleton has written 5 books that are available here: Lick the Sugar Habit, The Curse of Louis Pasteur, Healthy Bones, Lick the Sugar Habit Sugar Counter and Stopping Inflammation. She is also the creator of the Body Monitor Test Kit, an easy at-home tool for testing for homeostasis available at this site. She has retired from her nutrition counseling practice in Los Angeles but continues to write, lecture and broadcast on health subjects.

Part 3: Cori Brackett, Producer, Sweet Misery| Download MP3[audio:]

As President of Sweet Remedy Films: Embracing Community toward an Authentic Life, Cori’s work is geared toward empowering individuals to make intelligent and healthy choices for themselves and their loved ones. After having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2002, Cori Brackett found herself falling into a deep pit of doctor’s appointments and medications, while continuing to get worse. Eventually, she found herself in a wheelchair with double vision and slurred speech. Slowly, she learned to maintain the balancing act between pushing herself to get better and having the patience to accept her then-current limitations. Hungry for knowledge and a clue to her symptoms, she stumbled upon some information linking aspartame to ms-like symptoms. As she had been a fairly heavy consumer of aspartame and aspartame-containing products (an average of a six-pack/day of diet soda for twenty years) she thought there might be something to this and proceeded to investigate. What resulted from her investigation was the seering and heart-stopping documentary, Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, its sequel, Sweet Remedy: The World Reacts and her multi-media memoir, Through the Shadows. Today, she lives a happy, healthy and authentic life and enjoys speaking to groups around the country and sharing guests with you who can help you envision a better world as well as providing the tools you need to discover that better life.

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