Are Cell Phones Dangerous?

November 10th, 2010

It seems that everyone has one. We use them for talking, community and finding the latest news. They’re our cell phones. Cellphones are now ubiquitous not just in developed countries but all over the world. But are the radio waves transmitted from these devices we bring next to our heads dangerous? We’ll find out this week on Business Matters.

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Beyond the News, With Contributor
Bob Newman

Bob is a highly regarded public relations veteran, with more than 20 years of media experience and is the CEO of Newman Communications. In addition to leading Newman Communications, Bob is a nationally known columnist for Talkers magazine and a consultant to a number of talk show hosts, radio stations and political groups. Bob has been quoted widely in national newspapers including USA Today, The New York Post and The Boston Globe and has appeared on national television networks, including C-SPAN.

Dr. John Boice

John Boice is professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and scientific director of the International Epidemiology Institute (IEI), involved in the design, conduct and analysis of epidemiologic studies into the causes of cancer and other diseases. He is an international authority on radiation effects and currently serves on the Main Commission of the International Commission on Radiological Protection as well as the US delegation to the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation.

James Geary

James Geary is an author and journalist based in London. He also writes for Popular Science and Salon, and blogs for The Huffington Post. He worked for Time Magazine for more than a decade, during which time he wrote about everything from neuroscience to European politics, was founding editor of, and ultimately served as Europe editor, responsible for the European edition of the magazine. He is also the editor of Ode Magazine and author of “The Body Electric: An Anatomy of the New Bionic Senses.” He wrote a feature story and follow-up in Popular Science on cell phone risks. When he’s not writing about science these days he writes the “All Aphorisms, All the Time” blog.

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