For Your Consideration for November 3rd, 2010

November 3rd, 2010

Well the election is over. Maybe we can now get back to our standard fare of television programming. Not so fast…. The current campaign is a lesson for all of us. What the pollsters tell us is that we are mad. “Hmmm…” I wondered, not actually feeling so mad, maybe a bit disillusioned.

You know, not so long ago the Democratic politicians were telling us that all our problems were because of the tight control the Republicans had of the Congress and White House. The way to get what we wanted was to give them the ability to put checks and balance in place with President Bush. OK… sounded like a good idea so we had a sweeping sea change and a Democratic controlled congress was installed.

In the midst of all this animosity, we are faced with one of the great financial crisis of the past hundred years. We are frightened into a massive bailout of the most influential Wall Street powerhouses. This action was proposed, we have forgotten by President Bush with the overwhelming support of a shell shocked Congress.

We then move to the the elections of 2008. We are not happy and want something more than the paralysis of a Democratic congress and Republican president. We are inspired that we can make a difference. The chant “Yes we can” fills millions of people who have never participated in the political process with HOPE. Hope that change can really happen. Hope that the ideals they hear from candidate OBama will soon be realized.

Now fast forward two more years. We have gone from the moving inauguration of the first African American President to some of the most polarizing political maneuvering and rhetoric in modern history.

The real problem, we are told is the Democrats. They want to create a Socialist state in America.. What we need, the Republicans and Tea Partiers tell is a free market system. Stop having government involved in health care. Get government out of the way of the financial markets. Loosen our environmental standards on mining and petroleum exploration. Business will solve the problems in our lives.
You know this is like watching a tennis match. Each side in the game is hitting the ball back and forth and the only thing that is happening is the most of us are getting poorer.
Why is it that we are swinging from one side of the pendulum to the other. Its almost like there’s a metronome to the beat of six years.

What can break this cycle? We can. That’s right you and I. We can bring this cycle by using a bit of discernment. We can become our own news analyst. Rather than letting Fox News or CNN or whatever blog editor you listen to, why not build your own ability to figure out what’s true. For one thing only you know what matters to you. Only you can see the world from the perspective that is truly in your own best interest.

We will break this cycle when we vote for candidates based upon their actions and spend our money with companies that represent our values. The real opportunity is to take back control of how we look at the world. Its only then that we will begin to have the world we dream of.

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