Making Sense of Turbulent Times

March 22nd, 2011

A wave of unsettling circumstances is sweeping across the globe. Natural disasters, nuclear accidents, economic turmoil, oil depletion and environmental collapse. With the news media often proving unreliable and the doomsayers seemingly unbelievable, what is a reasonable way to consider the future. We can all agree that the next 20 years will be very different than the past. Yet governments and businesses seem to believe that the way forward is to replicate the past. This week we give you a “crash course” on what’s really happening and some practical advice on what you can do to navigate these uncertain waters.

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Chris Martenson

Chris received his PhD in neurotoxicology and then went on to receive a MBA from Cornell. He was very successful at climbing the corporate ladder becoming  a Vice President of a global Fortune 300 company. At some point, Chris began to realize that something wasn’t right. He was reading world events and knew that the perspective presented by the media and government assurances just didn’t make sense.

Chris decided to leave behind his high paying job and move to rural western Massachusetts. He wanted to share his perspectives with others and created The Crash Course. This program helps people see the truth and make sound decisions for themselves and their families. Chris now shares his insights in his new book The Crash Course.

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Daniel Lerch

Daniel is Program Director of Post Carbon Institute. He is the author of Post Carbon Cities (2007), the first major municipal guidebook on peak oil and global warming, and the lead editor of The Post Carbon Reader (2010), a collection of original essays by some of the world’s most provocative thinkers on the 21st century’s interconnected sustainability crises.

One of the few experts specializing in local government responses to global fossil fuel depletion, Daniel has delivered presentations and workshops to elected officials, planners, and other audiences across the United States, as well as in Canada, Ireland, the UK, and Spain.

Daniel has worked with urban sustainability and planning issues for nearly fifteen years in the public, private and non-profit sectors. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from Rutgers University in New Jersey and a Master of Urban Studies from Portland State University in Oregon.

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