Clearing the Air through Resolving Conflicts

May 23rd, 2012

This week on Business Matters our topic is conflict resolution. Most of us feel a twinge of discomfort when we think of conflict. For starters, it’s not very comfortable. Probably why most of us avoid it at all costs Sure we’ve all me folks who seem to thrive on conflict, but they aren’t someone we would want to have around.

One of our guests says, that conflict is inherent in our human nature. OK, well I do fell a bit conflicted with other folks from time to time. Maybe there is something to that. It gets worse. One of our other guests says that conflict is good. That seems a bit of a reach. I mean, how could conflict be good. Actually, there are some compelling reasons to look more closely when you are feeling conflict. Sometimes things are unclear and the conflict is a message to get to the bottom of a brewing problem. One of our guests says that the role of a leader is to be like a conductor and orchestrate the conflict for the good of all.

Are you still with me? If I haven’t create enough discomfort yet, our other guests says its not about conflict, it’s really about confrontation. Ouch… that’s too much. Not so, he says. Confrontation isn’t about throwing a tantrum. Its about being authentic when we talk with each other as we communicate in respectful ways

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Today’s Guest

Marty Linsky

Marty has taught for over 25 years at Harvard’s Kennedy School and is the co-founder of  Cambridge Leadership Associates.

He served as Chief Secretary and Counselor to Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld; Executive Editor, The Advocates, PBS; Editorial Writer and Reporter, The Boston Globe; Assistant Minority Leader, Massachusetts House of Representatives; and Massachusetts Assistant Attorney General.

He has authored or co-authored 10 books the lastest of which is The Practice of Adaptive Leadership.
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Joe Weston

Joe is an international workshop facilitator, author, creative social activist, and advocate for peace. In his book, Mastering Respectful Confrontation, Joe reshapes our relationship with confrontation by saying that is  nothing more than open-hearted engagement, and ultimately, the most effective way to avoid and resolve conflict.



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Prudence Tippins

Prudence is the founder and director of the Calliope Center for Reflection and Renewal in Viroqua, Wisconsin.  Her interest in conflict originally came about when she worked as a teacher trainer facilitating school-community collaboration.  She practices intuitive mediation and facilitation and works with communities, organizations, and individuals in transition.


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