Radical Changes in the World of Publishing!

July 3rd, 2012

We all know that the publishing industry is going through dramatic change. Looking around our neighborhoods, we see the vacant storefronts of closed bookstores. The impact of these changes is far greater than meets the eye. This week on Business Matters, we look at the publishing through the lenses of a books publisher, best selling author and entrepreneurs who are reshaping publishing in the digital age.

If you are an aspiring or published author, you will find practical insights into how the changes in publishing benefit you. If you are someone who loves books, you can find how these changes will impact you. Finally the news isn’t bleak for publishers, it just requires a transformation of mindset, which is always easy to do.

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Steve Wasserman

Steve Wasserman, is a past partner of the Kneerim & Williams Literary Agency and is currently editor at large for Yale University Press. Steve is a former editor of the Los Angeles Times Book Review. Before joining the newspaper, Steve was for six years the editorial director of Times Books when it was a division of Random House Inc.

Some of Steve’s writing about the publishing world are The Amazon Effect and The Fate of Books After the Age of Print.

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Tim Sanders

Tim has valuable experience in cutting-edge businesses, sales and marketing. He’s weathered the quality movement as well as the dotcom crash and emerged with precious insight. He was the Chief Solutions Officer at Yahoo! and later their Leadership Coach. He was also an early member of Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner’s broadcast.com, the most successful opening day IPO in history.

His first book, Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends is a New York Times and international business best seller, translated in a dozen languages. It stresses the importance of knowledge sharing, networking and compassion. His newest book is Today We are Rich: Harnessing the Power of Total Confidence. Tim is CEO of netminds.

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Mark Coker

Mark is co-author along with his wife, Lesleyann, of Boob Tube, a novel that explores the behind-the-scenes world of daytime television soap operas. It was Mark’s frustration trying to get Boob Tube published that inspired him to start Smashwords. He believes Smashwords holds the promise to make publishing more enriching for authors, readers and publishers.

With Mark’s previous startup, BestCalls.com, which he launched in 1999, he helped level the playing field for small stock market investors, who at the time were denied access to the earnings conference calls of publicly traded companies. His work with BestCalls, as a champion for fair disclosure, was a catalyst for the SEC’s ground breaking Regulation FD. BestCalls was acquired in 2002 by Shareholder.com and is now owned and operated by the Nasdaq Stock Exchange.

In addition to Mark’s work with Smashwords, since 1993 he has owned Dovetail Public Relations, an award-winning Silicon Valley PR firm.

Jared Rosen

Jared is founder of DreamSculpt Media, and co-author of The Flip: Turn Your World Around and Inner Security And Infinite Wealth. His focus in his work is on human evolution, global ethics and sustainable economics, all while recognizing that “love is the highest standard.” His ideas have been published in business journals, MBA textbooks and on the web through his own social media site with members in 46 countries.


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