What’s Ahead in 2013?

January 1st, 2013

We welcome in the new year by asking three experts about the biggest ideas for 2013.

First, we examine the cultural zeitgeist, discovering the hottest new job title, learning how social media is further changing the business world, examining popular entertainment and what the themes reflect about our society, and accepting, finally, the integration of digital technology into all sectors of society.

Next, we turn to the economy and hear the good news that, for the upcoming year at least, we are escaping the grip of the financial crisis.  We learn what we need to do to take advantage of this upturn to prepare for what may be an uncertain future.

Our last segment focuses on the biggest change to health care in over 50 years: the implementation of Affordable Care Act, or “Omamacare.”  Though the ACA was passed in 2010, it is only this year moving into full implementation, and we are going to see the effects of this change.  We learn the details of the developing state- and federally-run “shopping exchanges” of health insurance plans for those who do not have  access to health insurance.  We speculate about the effects of these exchanges and the consequences for businesses, Medicaid, and individuals.

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Brad Grossman

Brad Grossman

Brad Grossman is a creative and cultural advisor, producer and entrepreneur. His bi-coastal Grossman& Partners is a “think-tank/ do-tank” for progressive-minded individuals and organizations from a wide swath of fields—media/entertainment, science/ technology, finance, policy, fashion/art/design, and lifestyle. Clients include C-Suite executives, entrepreneurs and heads of non- profits, as well as creative and thought leaders.  His current work evolved out of the four years he spent as a full- time cultural attaché for Brian Grazer.  Brad’s experience in the field includes 15 years in independent and studio film production at Sony Pictures Entertainment and Universal Pictures. He co-founded Out in Television & Film, a networking and educational organization for LGBT filmmakers and executives, and Insta-Tutor, an academic coaching company for high-school students. To find out more about Brad, click here.  To read 2013 Zeitguide, click here (free until January 14th!).

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Michael Mandel


Michael is a regular with us on Business Matters and always brings a clear and discerning eye to what’s going on in the economy. For many years, Michael was a economics writer and then chief economist at Business Week. Today, he is the chief economics strategist at the Progressive Policy Institute, CEO of Visible Economy and a senior fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School’s Mack Center for Technological Innovation.

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Trudy Lieberman


Trudy Lieberman, a journalist for 40 years, is a fellow at the Center for Advancing Health. She was recently director of the health and medical reporting program at the Graduate School of Journalism, City University of New York and had a long career at Consumer Reports specializing in insurance, health care and health care financing. She was also the director of the Center for Consumer Health Choices at Consumers Union.

She is a contributing editor to the Columbia Journalism Review, a contributor toThe Nation, and has written a column about health and the marketplace for theLos Angeles Times. She blogs on health care and income security issues at cjr.org for the Columbia Journalism Review. She began her career as a consumer writer for the Detroit Free Press where her reporting became a model for consumer writers across the country.
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