The Business of School Lunch

August 28th, 2009

On this week’s Business Matters, we bring you a whole show on ways that we can improve our school lunch programs. We’ll find out if it’s possible to serve healthy, natural and affordable lunches to children in an institutional setting, and give you tips on how you can get your local school district to adopt more healthy and sustainable practices.

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Part 1: Helene York Director, Bon Appetit Foundation | Download MP3[audio:]

helen_yorkHelene York is director of the Bon Appétit Management Company Foundation, an educational organization whose mission is to educate consumers, chefs, and food service managers about how their food choices affect the environment and the livelihoods of traditional food producers. The foundation was formed in 2005 to help identify sustainable food supply practices, opportunities and to help implement them.

Bon Appétit Management Company, headquartered in Palo Alto, California, provides on-site restaurant services at private colleges, universities, corporations and cultural venues in 28 states. In existence for 20 years, it is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Compass Group, the largest food service provider in the U.S. and worldwide with global headquarters in Great Britain. Bon Appétit is known for pioneering environmentally and socially responsible practices and then sharing operational know-how to sister companies within Compass Group and the food service industry at-large.

Part 2: Chef Bobo Executive Chef, Calhoun School | Download MP3[audio:]

Chef Bobo (aka Robert Surles), a graduate of the French Culinary Institute is currently Executive Chef and Food Service Director for the Calhoun School on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, where he is spearheading a revolution in what kids eat for lunch. He is cooking natural and healthy food that features bold flavors and good nutrition as the cornerstone of his menu plan. Everything is made from scratch with the freshest of ingredients.

Prior to taking the position at the Calhoun School, Chef Bobo, whose nickname is a derivative of Bob, worked for almost two years as an Assistant Chef Instructor at the French Culinary Institute. He is the Chef/Owner of Chef Bobo Catering Co, which he started in 1988. His goal is to develop young palates toward understanding good food so that eating well becomes a lifelong skill. Many of his flavorful and nutritious recipes can be found in his book, Chef Bobo’s Good Food Cookbook. (Meredith Books)

Part 3: Bob Bloomer Regional VP, Chartwells Thompson Hospitality | Download MP3[audio:]

Bob Bloomer manages Chartwells Thompson’s contract with Chicago Public Schools. In 2005, they became the first single vendor for Chicago Public Schools’ food services, after running several of CPS’s 6 regions since 2000. Chartwells, a division of Charlotte-based Compass Group, provides dining services for over 875 colleges, universities, public and private schools around the Country.

Part 4: Amy Audiffred Director of Operations, Bon Appetit Management at Wheaton College & Marco Hetterich Executive Chef at Wheaton College | Download MP3[audio:]

Bon Appetit Management Company handle the food service contract for Wheaton Colleges, and have been so successful that they were ranked #1 for best campus food from the Princeton Review last year. Producer Jonah Meadows visited Wheaton College to hear how they’ve been able to do it.

(This episode of Business Matters was originally broadcast February 13, 2009)

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[…] School (Illinois), I knew almost nothing of the history and mission of this excellent ministry. …Business Matters | The Business of School LunchBon Appetit Management Company handle the food service contract for Wheaton Colleges, and have been […]

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