Business Matters Dialog: Innovation

February 5th, 2010

What’s written about the economy seems to change daily. Today it’s good news and tomorrow there are storm clouds fast approaching. Most economists missed the downturn and yet they continue to predict the future like they now know what’s going on.

To help educate our listeners about what really caused the biggest economic dip since the Great Depression, we devoted our first Business Matters Monthly Dialog to the topic of the innovation and the economy. To help get to the truth in plain English, we invited Michael Mandel, the former chief economist of BusinessWeek, to be our guest. During this one hour dialog, 20 invited callers were able to ask Michael penetrating and sometimes uncomfortable questions. These questions ranged from “how is it that you and your colleagues missed the warning signs” to “how can innovation help get us back on track”.

Michael is well qualified to be our guide during this live conversation. While at BusinessWeek, Michael was responsible for formulating BusinessWeek’s coverage of economic policy. Prior to that, Mandel was economics editor for the magazine. Michael is the author of several books, including “Rational Exuberance”, “The Coming Internet Depression”, and “The High Risk Society”. Michael recently started South Mountain Economics where he writes his blog, Mandel on Innovation and Growth.

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