The Food Crisis – Abroad and at Home

February 15th, 2010

Wfp109032Bettina Luescher is a former CNN International anchor who made a life changing decision. Rather than continuewith the career climb in the broadcast industry, she chose to become a spokesperson for the United Nations World Food Program. In this role, she witnesses, first hand, the depth and breadth of the challenge of feeding those who are hungry.

The UN World Food Program is the world’s largest international food assistance organisation combating hunger in underdeveloped nations with severe food shortages. The frontline stretches from sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East to Latin America and Asia & the Pacific. They help:

  • Victims of natural disasters like the 2006 East Africa drought, the Pakistan earthquake and Hurricane Stan in 2005, the tsunami disaster and Bangladesh floods in 2004, the Iran earthquake in 2003 or Hurricane Mitch, which affected one million people in Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatamala in October 1998.
  • Displaced People – both refugees and internally displaced persons to leave towns and villages in places like Darfur, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Colombia.
  • The world’s hungry poor, trapped in a twilight zone between poverty and malnutrition.

The World Food Program serves in two ways. First it mobilizes food assistance for delivery to natural and man-made disaster areas. Second, its rapid response team draws-up contingency plans designed to move food and humanitarian assistance fast into disaster areas.

Truly they are an unheraled champion that deserve our appreciation and support.

Interview with Bettina Leuscher | Download MP3
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Part 2: Interview with Janet Larsen | Download MP3
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Part 3: Interview with Sharon Astyk | Download MP3
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