Violence in the Media

February 12th, 2010

Periodically our attention is brought to the possible impact of media violence on the behaviors in society. This usually happens when there has been some human tragedy such as Columbine or Virginia Tech. Then we are searching for answers and we then wonder if violence in the media isn’t a contributor to the terrible situation. There will be hearings and reports. This is on top of the 50 years of every kind of psychological and physiological study imagined. We will solemnly agree that media violence should be addressed and then we move on to the next high profile crisis.

Yet, with all this evidence and public support as voiced in numerous studies and surveys, we continue to spend increasing amounts on media that is deemed violent. This week we find out about why this disparity exists and what we can do to help children make the best media choices.

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For over 25 years, Dr. James Potter has been studying the impact of violence in the media. Jim is a Professor in the Communications Department of the University of California Santa Barbara. His seminal book, 11 Myths of Media Violence has been studied across the US He is a former editor of the Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media as well as the editor of the forthcoming Encyclopedia of Media Violence. He has published numerous scholarly articles, book chapters, and 13 other books. He is currently at work on a general of theory of the mass media in which he plans to integrate the theories and research findings about the mass media industries, their content, audiences, and effects into a unified system of explanation.

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Michael Mann is an award-winning storyteller, author, training consultant and speaker, bringing a variety of educational programs and workshops to children and adults. Michael has been an active advocate of the mission of the National Institute on Media and the Family since 1997, originally as a media rater for the MediaWise® KidScore® program.

Michael was a nominee for the Anne Richardson Reading is Fundamental national award and is currently working in the area of storytelling and emergent literacy. As a founding member of Cygnus Storytelling, he worked with the families and staff of the Waldorf Schools to develop a family storytelling curriculum. He is past president of the Northlands Storytelling Network, and on the artist rosters of COMPAS Global Arts Presentations, Artists to Go, and the Minnesota Story Alliance. Michael is an active member of the National Storytelling Network, where he participates in the “Stories in Organizations” special interest group.

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A challenge to parents to increase their involvement in their children’s media choices.


Get a copy of the Kaiser Family Foundation study, M2 Media in the lives of 8 to 18 year-olds.”

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