New Models for Conscious Leadership

January 12th, 2011

With the state of the economy in uncertainty and the unfolding environmental dilemma knocking on our door, what type of leadership will help companies make the best decisions for themselves and everyone impacted by their choices? Find out about research on the evolution of the brain of leaders and a radical idea for a new foundation for organizations.

(Last week of our winter break – Encore edition – Program originally aired on September 22, 2010)

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Beyond the News, With Contributor
Catherine Austin Fitts, President, Solari, Inc.
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Catherine Austin Fitts has an unparalleled perspective on the current banking crisis, having witnessed the corruption in the market during the first Bush and Clinton administrations. Since then, she’s become the founder and managing member of Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC.; and President of Solari, Inc. an online media company focused on ethical investment. She’s also been president of The Hamilton Securities Group, investment bank and financial software developer and an Managing Director and member of the board of Wall Street investment banking firm Dillon Read & Co. Inc. (She writes about her experience there in Dillon Read and the Aristocracy of Stock Profits.)

Paul Lawrence
Author, Driven to Lead
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Paul R. Lawrence is Professor Emeritus of Organizational Behavior at Harvard Business School and he’s the author of twenty-five books and numerous articles across the entire field of social sciences. His most recent is Driven to Lead: Good, Bad, and Misguided Leadership.

Debbie Robins
Author, Shovel It
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Debbie Robins is an executive, career and life coach with deep roots in the entertainment industry. For over twenty years Debbie was a Hollywood film and television producer, now she’s been named one of the top 600 executive coaches in the country by Marshall Goldsmith and Brian Underhill. She’s also the author of Shovel It: Kick-Ass Advice to Turn Life’s Crap into the Peace and Happiness You Deserve and a recent blog post on the Huffington Post, CEOs: Here’s One 4-Letter Word You Need to Start Using.

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