Sacred Commerce

January 19th, 2011

There is a common belief that businesses that do the right thing can’t succeed. We have good news. That’s simply not so. This week we bring stories of two businesses that are practicing “sacred commerce”. Find out how they have the fundamentals of business with these principles and  are bringing a renewed sense of integrity and purpose to the lives of those who work in these organizations.

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Beyond the News with Dan Peak, CEO of World-Check
Daniel Peak is the CEO of World-Check, a global risk intelligence information company. Mr. Peak joined World-Check in 2003 from Thomson Financial where he was General Manager of Thomson Sheshunoff and prior to this he served as Managing Director for Thompson Financial Publishing.

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Matthew and Terces Englehart, co-owners Café Gratitude
This story starts when Matthew and Terces Engelhart developed the board game Abounding River. The Abounding River is an interactive way of practicing “being” Abundance in your life.  Once the game was complete, Matthew and Terces agreed that it would be wonderful to offer a place where people could gather, eat, and play the game.  They decided to create a living foods café, and so the idea for Café Gratitude was born.  It has been a ground-breaking example of Sacred Commerce and its capacity to build community, encourage healthful living, and achieve abundance.  They now have 6 locations in the San Francisco Bay Area, and sell their products in partnering stores country wide.

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Alexia Marcous, co-founder Dharma Merchant Services
Dharma Merchant Services was founded by Alexia Marcous and her father Jeff. They wanted to create a business that brought together their spiritual practices and business experience. Dharma Merchant Service, the winner of the 2009 Green Business Leader of the Year, is committed to providing services with integrity that also offer financial support to non-profits who contribute to people and places in need.

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