Doing the Right Thing – Encore Presentation

February 14th, 2013

We are renovating Business Matters so that we soon can bring you Business Matters 2.0. During this time of transition, we are airing some of our favorite archived programs. Today’s program comes from June 29, 2011. This program was broadcast as From the Inside Out. We hope you enjoy this program.

To create positive change requires we reach into the depths of our own humanity and find honesty, courage and a connection to the world around us. Our three story tellers are not just talkers, they are doers. Richard Heinberg has been telling us the dangers of peak oil and not regarding our abuse of the planet for many years. He and his wife are living examples of what each person can do to make a contribution to turning things around.

Brad Blanton tells us that honesty is the way for people to come together in community. Brad has run twice for the U.S. House of Representatives on the platform of telling the truth (and he means it).

Alex Pattakos is the author the best selling book, Prisoners of our Thoughts, where he extended the pioneering work of Victor Frankel. Alex created the OPA Way to teach people the positive lessons of living like Zorba the Greek.

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